No plastic, fantastic!

We’re sure you’ve noticed that there has been a lot of media coverage recently about the shocking amount of plastic finding its way into the world’s oceans (around 8 million tonnes a year).

Plastic drinking straws are in the top ten items picked up most on beach clean ups and there has been a global move towards getting rid of this “single-use plastic” from our everyday lives. As the name suggests, most straws are only good for a single use after which they’re thrown away ending up in a landfill, or worse, in our oceans. Because they’re not biodegradable, they take hundreds (if not more) years to break down.

So in the spirit of the Great British Spring Clean Up, we’re chucking the straws!

As of 5 March, we will join many of our industry peers in removing these pesky plastic straws from our venues and replacing them with straws that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. We’re proud to be part of an industry that has really got behind this small change that is going to make a big difference to our oceans.

Chucking the straws is just the first step for us. We’re working closely with our suppliers to find biodegradable alternatives for the small number of other disposable items we use such as take away coffee cups and cutlery. Watch this space!