Celebrate National Salad Month with KuPP

The humble salad has come a long way since the days of good old iceberg lettuce with tomato, cucumber and perhaps a bit of feta and onion. We love our salads at KuPP and are always looking for new ways to make them even more interesting and, most importantly, delicious. This month, we’re adding a new Scandi-inspired bowl of goodness to our menu that features our house smoked mackerel.

Here are some healthy and nutritious tips that we swear by, simple ways to supercharge your salads at home:

We start with green leaves bursting with vitamin C and folic acid – great for fighting off those Spring sniffles! Next, we add one of our new favourite ingredients: cracked wheat. It is unprocessed, high fibre, low calorie and loaded with nutrients that ward off a host of nasties like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Mackerel (a Scandi summer favourite), is high in omega 3 fatty acids, rich in vitamin D and a great source of protein – plus it’s super yummy. Don’t even get us started on eggs! These pint-size protein packages have a whole alphabet of vitamins and we’d add them to everything if we could. Eggs are a staple in the Nordic Region, providing a great source of vitamin D during the long winter months when the sun may shine for as little as 5 hours a day.

Another great way to supercharge your salads this spring and summer is to add superfoods like avocado and beetroot. Not only do these superfoods have a long list of health benefits but they taste great and can turn a drab salad into an Instagram-worthy bowl of food art.

Show your body some love with a supercharged salad this May!

Coming soon to our New Menu….

House Smoked Mackerel & Soft Boiled Egg Salad with cracked wheat, avocado, pickled radish, green leaves and grated horse radish dressing.